Legal Manager for Inverchavez Holding, LLC 
4400 Post Oak Pkwy, Suite 2250, Houston, TX 77027
Negotiate, structure, assist with preparation and dissemenation of contractual agreements for local and international construction project development and food and beverage industry.  Interpret, explain and implement agreements related to construction project development and/or food and beverage industry agreements.and procedures. Confer with contractors/consultants, clients and staff members to ensure compliance with legal agreements.  Identify issues and recommend revisions, modifications and/or implementation of legal agreements and/or operational corrective procedures.  Act as liaison between company, contractor/consultant, other third parties and/or outside counsel to ensure that timelines, deadlines and contractual obligations are met.  Communicate with clients and business partners and respond to inquiries regarding legal and other issues and assist with management of other legal matters for company and/or company projects.  Assist with development and/or approval of project budgets.  Visit construction and/or operating sites and do compliance monitoring related to contracts, timelines, quality and/or procedures.  Draft/assit with drafting and implementing of licensing/franchise agreements.  Assist with website verbiage development and updates and draft press releases/marketing material verbiage to ensure adherence with legal requirements.  Present work reports as needed upon request to executive team.  
Requires an LLM and five years' experience in the job.
Up to 50% travel national and international.
Send resume and minimum salary requirements to I. Escobar, Vaquero, 4400 Post Oak Pkwy, Suite 2250, Houston, TX 77027.  Must reference Job#: 407181