Continuing to rely mainly on gas, coal and petroleum products, energy costs of full service hotels are typically six percent of revenue and can exceed ten percent for luxury properties.  A bevy of quick fixes exist, including adjustment laundry temperatures, covering heated water masses after hours, reducing hallway and back office energy consumption, and staggering meal preparation times.  These efforts are labor intensive, often do not yield consistent, measurable results, and may have a negative effect on quality of service delivery.

Using a life cycle approach, Vaquero believes that energy management starts during the project planning phase and includes construction material selection.  In addition to advising on the most recent developments in material technology and innovation, Vaquero designs sustainable, long term solutions for public and private clients which address air and water heating, cooling and ventilation, lighting, cleaning, and food preparation. 

Recoupment of investment occurs through reduced energy cost, increased reliability of power supply and improved power supply quality.  In addition to direct benefits, Vaquero advises on indirect benefits, including entitlements which can be derived from clients' reduced environmental impact and reliance on national electrical grid systems.

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