An undeniable addiciton for the crêpe is established when one of the founders spends a summer at La Sorbonne and feasts daily on  all that light and fluffy goodness.  
Other successful endeavors in the food and beverage industry allow the founders to sharpen their industry teeth, but importing a little bit of Paris is never far from their minds as the dream home for the crêpe starts to crystallize conceptually.


The founders spend two years traveling the globe to create a multi dimensional definition of the perfect crêpe.  Over two hundred dos and don'ts are collected, analyzed and incorporated into the physical planning stages.  


Sweet Paris is named and design #214 is selected for the restaurant's first location in the trendy and bustling Rice Village in Houston.  Build-out starts in a veil of secrecy while the owners toil at the not-so-arduous task of taste-testing over 532 potential menu items.  
An instant star is born.  With lines out the door day after day, week after week, and month after month, the hard work has paid off.  The new Yelp darling may be a seal of approval, but is even moreso the culmination of a decades-long dream.  Plans for a second domestic and a first international location commences almost immediately and result in two openings within the next year.



 Popular demand and an appreciation for the worlds dire need for the smell of delicate crêpe batter cooking, motivate the founders to embrace their duty to franchise.  Four new locations open during the next eighteen months, and the brand is set to become an unstoppable force of deliciousness. 
The year that you become a member of the Sweet Paris family.  Not only do you love eating crepes in a chic and welcoming Parisian atmosphere, but you have a sound mind for business and you can recognize a winner when you see one!  Don't hesitate, complete the form on the contact page and let us call you to tell you about your new life.